Project: SkyCourt Budapest Airport

SkyCourt, the latest enlargement project at Budapest Airport, relies on Schengen corridors, tripod barriers, security interlocks and master key systems from Kaba.

Today, Budapest is the eighthlargest city in the European Union and draws in not just many tourists but also international business travellers and politicians. To cope with its large passenger numbers, Budapest Airport has been renovated and enlarged in recent years. SkyCourt is a brand-new modern terminal building offering business and VIP lounges and a sizeable shopping area. The main contractor, Kész Kft., started planning for this EUR 88 million project in 2009. The building extends over five floors and a total area of 24,000 m2, of which 4,300 m2 is devoted to the retail needs of 8.5 million passengers a year.

Budapest Airport has been using Kaba solutions since the 1990s, and, owing to its general satisfaction with these products, also decided to award the SkyCourt contract to Kaba. The complete security system is expected to involve 1,200 Kaba quattro S cylinders as well as tripod barriers, Schengen corridors and security interlocks.

Installing security systems at airports is an extremely complex job and needs careful planning. The preparations lasted over six months, ensuring all the varying requirements in terms of security, access systems, electricity, fire protection, etc. were met. The work is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2012.