Project: ANZ Bank

On the list of the world’s largest island states, Papua New Guinea, encompassing over 600 islands, occupies third place. The country is known both for its linguistic variety – its six million inhabitants are estimated to speak about 820 distinct languages – as well as for its varied and contrasting landscapes with numerous sites of outstanding natural beauty. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 1910, and now serves its customers through 11 branches, 41 ATMs and 750 EFTPOS terminals.

In the three new branch offices in Lae and Mt Hagen, the bank opted for a Kaba access solution using c-lever fittings. The ability to procure all the different components efficiently from a single source – from the door fittings to the access control system – clinched the contract, along with solution-driven collaboration with architects and suppliers.