Project: Residential area Lodenareal

A comfortable, environmentally friendly apartment with low running costs, located by the beautiful river Inn: on a site previously occupied by the long-standing fabric manufacturer Tiroler Loden, this dream has now become reality. With 354 apartments extending over an area of 3.3 hectares, the Lodenareal brought a new dimension to the construction of Passivhaus dwellings. Passivhaus refers to a method of construction which, through optimum heat insulation, enables the dwelling to rely for the most part on passive sources of energy only, such as solar energy and heat recovery.

In the interests of being well equipped in terms of security, the client opted for a Kaba penta master key system with around 1,500 cylinders. Another 128 units in the adjacent building were fitted with a Gege pExtra locking system. The development received Austria’s SolarPlexus 2009 award for renewable energy as well as the Energy Globe 2008 award.