Project: Delhaize Belgium

In 1957, Delhaize was the first grocer to open a supermarket in Europe with complete self-service. Founded over 140 years ago, the Belgian supermarket chain now operates in six countries on three continents, and employs 138,000 staff worldwide.

Wishing to standardize its HR system in Belgium, Delhaize was looking for a time+attendance solution which would integrate smoothly into the ERP system HR Access. The group chose Kaba’s software B-COMM ERP for HR Access along with Kaba hardware – a solution that had already proven its worth at other supermarket chains. After a test phase, the system went live at Brussels HQ and other sites. Now, the administrative and distribution staff and those in some of the supermarket branches use B-Net 93 20 terminals to book their working hours. The system runs very smoothly and will be expanded to include other distribution centers and supermarket branches over the next two years.