Project: Great Basin Gold

Burnstone Mine is part of the world’s largest gold field, in the Witwatersrand Basin in South Africa. Almost half of all the gold which has ever been mined originates in this basin. Burnstone Mine is owned by the international
mining company Great Basin Gold Ltd. In its quest for a reliable and secure time + attendance recording system which would also be compatible with its existing SAP system, the firm chose a biometric solution from Kaba.

The B-Net 93 20 terminals with biometric readers have obvious advantages: no badges, unmistaken identification, prevention of misuse. Although the terminals outdoors are exposed to any wet weather and dust, we have had no technical problems at all thus far,” says a satisfied Steven Jacobs, Head of IT at Great Basin Gold. The number of terminals is constantly increasing and the aim is to have up to 2,500 staff using them to record their hours by the end of 2011.