Access control - Parking management


Access Control - Parking management
Access Control - Parking management

Parking spaces are essential for modern business. However, they can be expensive if they are left mostly empty or blocked by unauthorised users.

Kaba exos lets you assign spaces individually and on a time basis, so that each one is used to its optimum. You can assign VIPs, customers, staff and other user groups their own specific spaces.

You can get specific visitor groups to park all together and pay a specific rate. And you can reduce congestion and emissions, as people are not forced to drive around the car park looking for an empty space.


  • Kaba exos only allows authorised vehicles, at pre-determined times if necessary. Unauthorised parking is eliminated.
  • You can keep segregated areas secure allowing you to control traffic as you wish.
  • The system allows your employees to reserve spaces for guests in advance, either in specific spaces or VIP areas, facilitating a smooth and professional welcome.
  • The Kaba exos parking module ensures that there is always enough designated parking available in convenient locations for selected user groups, e.g. VIP visitors.
  • Kaba exos facilitates ‘time-sharing’ of specific spaces so that each is used to maximum capacity.


The Kaba exos parking module is suitable for any commercial property with a private car park. It is ideal for ensuring security and cost effectiveness in a visitor-friendly manner while reducing environmental damage. The following sectors benefit most from the Kaba exos parking module:

  • Corporate and commercial office buildings
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Government facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Stadia and leisure centres
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel car parks