Access control - Key depot control


Access control - Key depot control
Access control - Key depot control

Key loss and theft are significant issues in many organisations, especially when rooms need to be accessed by sub-contractors, suppliers and cleaners in the absence of your staff. The administrative costs of managing keys effectively can mount up.

One proven method to minimise losses and increase efficiency is an intelligent, automated key deposit within the premises. That way, no keys are taken out of the building by third parties. The depot ‘releases’ a key only to authorised individuals after they have identified themselves by presenting a valid badge. The system keeps a record of who took a particular key, and at which time, and when they returned it back to the depot.


  • Kaba exos controls mechanical keys, allowing or restricting access at any time of day or night.
  • The system automatically records all actions in real time, providing auditable documentation, and allowing you to trace all current and historical movements instantly.
  • Kaba exos monitors and tracks keys to mechanical locks using a system of key deposits, and triggers an alarm if they remain un-returned.
  • It gives you an instant picture of the number of keys in circulation and their whereabouts.
  • The system provides depot security as part of your central system, minimising your costs.


Kaba recommends the installation of a key depot whenever the following requirements apply:

  • There is a need to control valuable master keys or keys for certain areas independently.
  • Where certain groups of people need controlled access to keys, e. g. security personnel or cleaning staff after office hours.
  • Where the release of a deposited key needs authorisation, e. g. to access medicine cabinets.
  • Where controlled access to spare keys is required 24/7, e. g. to server farms or machine rooms.