Mobile Access Solutions: Issue and manage guest keys on mobile devices with Kaba

Convenient, reliable and secure for both the hotel property and
guests, Kaba's Mobile Access Solutions is a secure, end-to end
mobile credential application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE),
the preferred communication technology for Kaba mobile enabled
RFID hotel locks.
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Kaba’s line of RFID hotel locks
Kaba RFID hotel locks are the basis for a simplified transition to reliable mobile access. With Kaba’s Mobile Access solutions, hotels can issue and manage keys on mobile devices to access guest rooms equipped with Kaba mobile enabled RFID locks. Many Kaba RFID locks currently in use can be converted to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for mobile access applications. Kaba’s latest RFID door locks give operators a flexible choice for guest entry options when the time is right to go mobile.

Enabled via Legic Connect
Kaba’s mobile access credential delivery is enabled via LEGIC Connect. The LEGIC Connect service operates in a high-secure and scalable data center. The system can be easily extended to other applications such as accessing parking areas or elevators. LEGIC Connect ensures that the deployment of electronic room keys stays in the background, while operations at the front desk remain the same.

1. Property Management System Interface
The mobile key is pushed from the front desk from Kaba System 6000 or Atlas software systems to LEGIC Connect.
     2. LEGIC Connect
LEGIC Connect administers the security and authenticates guests. The only information sent to the cloud is guest stay information and unique mobile identification.
     3. Guest Mobile Device
Once the guest has received notification and downloads the app, the mobile key is received by the app on the guests mobile device. Upon arrival, guests can proceed straight to their room.
     4. Kaba RFID Bluetooth Low Energy Lock
The guest presents their mobile phone to the lock. The BLE module housed in Kaba hotel locks communicates with the guests mobile device allowing access to their room.