ILCO Front Desk Unit (FDU)



Accelerate the check-in process and reduce training time with the most user-friendly access control system in the industry! An intuitive user interface designed to meet hotel industry's needs makes the FDU so easy to use that your front desk personnel will only need minimal training.

It is ideal for smaller hotels in need of a comprehensive access control system with single or multiple workstations.

Do more with less

The stand-alone FDU does it all :

  • encodes keycards
  • tracks keycard data
  • programs locks
  • maintains locks
  • audits locks


PMS Interface

If your hotel has a Property Management System (PMS), Ilco can provide you with an interface that allows you to link your computer to your Front Desk Unit (FDU), saving precious time. Through the interface, all information previously entered into the computer, such as room number and length of stay, is automatically transferred to the FDU. You simply have to swipe the keycards to encode them.

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Security Features

  • Time-based access control system with user selectable keycard expiry
  • Keycard encryption: proprietary and unique to each installation
  • Security: authorization keycard or PIN required for any FDU operation
  • Different authorization levels, ranging from front desk staff to upper management users
  • Setup and audit memory: internal real time clock with non-volatile memory

System Features

  • Property Size: 16,000 rooms and 1,000 common door suites (maximum of 8 inner doors per suite)
  • Common Arear: 8 guest and 16 staff areas
  • Restricted Areas: 200
  • Staff Access Levels: 3 Master levels and 5 Sub-Master levels per lock: 255 sections, floors, areas, groups, zones
  • Room Number: Format 5 digits numeric
  • Keycards Validity Selectable: From one hour to 7 years
  • Pre-registered Guest: Keycards can be made up to 10 days in advance
  • Time Zone: Predefined time zones available for staff keycards in locks 8 customer defined time zones available for guest, staff & passage option in RAC card readers
  • Keycards Read and Encoded: Low or high coercivity, track 1, 2 or 3 magnetic stripe cards and Mifare Classic Credentials (4 byte NUID)
  • Keycard Handling: Manual swipe with wide acceptable speed range for magnetic stripe keycard
  • Communication Ports: Serial and USB, for Flash drive and Kaba USB printer
  • Communication with Locks: Programming module
  • Communication with Other FDUs, PMS Interface: Serial cable
  • Firmware Upgradeable, via USB

Technical Data

Kaba products are certified to a number of performance-oriented standards. In obtaining these certifications, Kaba ensures product durability and performance, giving our customers the peace of mind that comes with owning a quality solution that meets and exceeds industry standards for access control, life safety, and security.

Go to document section for a complete list of Ilco product certifications.


  • Encodes, reads and verifies keycards
  • Programs, audits and maintains hotel locks
  • Allows 15 levels of keycard access from guest to emergency
  • Includes 5 authorization levels
  • Encodes 10 special-purpose keycards
  • Stores an audit of the last 4000 transactions
  • Keeps system time
  • Allows lock / FDU audit viewing and printing
  • Supports 8 guest and 16 staff common areas
  • Accommodates up to 16,000 guest rooms