Confidant RFID (ANSI Mortise Lock Case)


Confidant RFID Front
Confidant RFID Front

The Confidant RFID door lock offers contactless RFID technology to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiency. The RFID solution offers keycard auditing capabilities for enhanced staff monitoring & user accountability. The Confidant RFID is easy to use and works with ILCO and Saflok systems (including Messenger Lens).
The lock is able to operate using the Kaba Mobile Key System and can be offered with one of the following options: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ready or enabled.

This lock version of the Confidant RFID is designed for hotels using an ANSI mortise lock.


Security Features

  • Vandalism and attack resistant
  • Improved tamper resistance; tamper alarm is reset by emergency key or Kaba handheld programming device
  • Emergency access: emergency keycard and electronic override

Mechanical Features

  • Outside Housing: Ergonomic RFID reader with target to guide user. LEDs for visual feedback. Panel that conceals lock batteries (3 alkaline AA type) and programming interface
  • Inside Housing: Field reversible levers (only short return levers). Privacy turn knob (optional)
  • Levers: Available in short or long return designs. Outside lever free to rotate upward and downward in locked mode
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries for up to 50,000 openings or up to 3 years
  • Standard Finishes: Satin chrome and satin brass
  • Deadbolt: 1" (25 mm) (for ASM mortise), projected by inside thumbturn and retracted with the latch by the interior handle, emergency override or specific staff keycards. Optional auto deadbolt available
  • Locking Options: ANSI lock case with 1 ¼" or 1" lock front mortise. Optional automatic deadbolt.
  • Online Configurations (Coming soon, Saflok only): Messenger Ready, Messenger Online

Mobile Key Options (BLE)

  • BLE compatible: Standard Lock. Upgradable to BLE by adding BLE connector cable, end cap and BLE module (available for Saflok systems. Coming soon for ILCO systems)

  • BLE ready: Upgradable to BLE by BLE module (coming soon)

  • BLE enabled: End cap with BLE module included, no further upgrades needed (coming soon)


  • Available with mortise or tubular latch applications
  • Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
  • Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic door locks
  • Works with third party mortise lock case and door hardware
  • Access control for guest rooms, common areas, and back-of-house

Technical Data

Certifications and Testing

  • Accessibility Standard: ADA compliant levers (Code of Federal Regulations 28 CFR Part 36 – 1994 "ADA Standards for Accessible Design”). Compliant with turn knob adaptor
  • Fire Rating: Meets UL 10C and ULC S-104, on fire door rated up to and including 3 hours with ANSI lock case (ASM mortise) and 20 minutes with tubular latch. Version with online Messenger/Mobile key option (BLE) to be listed for 1 hour only (pending) with ANSI lock case (ASM mortise).
  • Electronics: Compliant IEC 61000-4, FCC Part 15 and Industry Canada RSS-210. CE R&TTE Directive 1999/EC


  • Batteries last up to 50,000 openings or up to 3 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff
  • Audit trail is retained during battery replacement and lock programming
  • Wear resistant construction and finish