Saflok Quantum™ RFID RCU/ECU



The Saflok Quantum RFID remote control/elevator control unit (RCU/ECU) is a versatile stand-alone card reader controller. Through the application of contactless smart card technology, this remote control device is designed to work with all electrified access control devices for perimeter doors, concierge floors, common areas, and other secured areas with electrified hardware.


Saflok Quantum RFID features include:

  • Ability to easily integrate into any System 6000™ design
  • Environmentally sealed contactless smart card reader protects against climate extremes, which is an especially vital feature for common access readers placed in external building and exit device applications
  • Optionally equipped with the MessengerTM transceiver for centralized access control
  • LED lights displayed behind high-impact polycarbonate reader lens
  • Contactless smart card reader uses industry-standard Mifare Classic (4 byte NUID) communication platform and high-security protocol
  • USB connectivity to LPI probe, and operates in accordance with ISO 14443A
  • Keycards are programmed using a contactless encoder
  • Contactless communication between the keycard and the reader via RF waves
  • Programmable auto latch/unlatch feature eliminates need for manual dogging
  • Configurable for normally closed circuits (magnet latches) and normally open circuits (electric strikes)
  • Auditable entries/attempts
  • Selectable master key access
  • Restricts access to guest keys after check-out date


  • RCU switch works with electrified locking devices
  • Fits into double-gang switch box
  • Controls electric locking devices up to 24 volts AC/DC
  • Auto latch/unlatch feature eliminates need for manual dogging
  • SPDT 5A@30VDC relay with common, normally open and normally closed contact