Kaba quattro plus - high security cylinder lock


Lock cylinder with reversible key - Kaba quattro pluS
Lock cylinder with reversible key - Kaba quattro pluS

Kaba quattro plus is the latest evolution in the proven Kaba range of high security cylinder locks. This patented reversible key cylinder lock is designed for applications where security, durability and strict factory key control are paramount.

With its interchangeable core system it offers extensive flexibility allowing the cylinder core to be inserted into a range of locking solutions from camlocks, keyswitches and padlocks to the more traditional cylinder shapes. This also gives Kaba quattro plus the ability to master key across various applications and locations making it a powerful and efficient locking system.rful and efficient locking system.


Thanks to four rows of pins arranged in a radial formation, excellent materials, extremely accurate precision milling and a unique cylinder design, the Kaba quattro pluS cylinder lock complies with a high security standard.

  • A high level of copy protection thanks to security card registration and computer-controlled longitudinal milling and blank protection
  • Solid Swiss quality
  • Investment protection as the locking system can be expanded at any time and integrated into electronic locking systems
  • Convenience assured as the reversible key can be inserted into the cylinder at any angle
  • Organisational control within the locking system - the customer determines which key opens which door(s)
  • Flexibility as the cylinder core is of a modular design allowing the core to be retrofitted on site as conditions and cylinder requirements change.
  • Restrictive movement cylinder available to ensure the door is guarded against being locked from within the room
  • Anti-ligature thumbturn available to combine safety and security


Kaba quattro pluS is ideal for locking systems in the following areas:

  • Business and industrial sites
  • Rail
  • Valuables in transit
  • Utilities
  • Retail & display
  • Commercial, office buildings
  • Museums
  • Central Government / MoD
  • Public transport
  • Marine
  • Lift and escalator control
  • Control panels

Technical Data

  • Key protected by patented characteristics.
  • 4 rows of pins.
  • 22 pin positions that can be used simultaneously
  • Protection against bumping, picking and drilling.
  • Kaba reversible key for strength and ease of use.
  • Pins that make contact with the key are manufactured from wear-resistant hardened steel.
  • Key blank protection against unauthorised duplication.
  • Changeable key clips in 12 different colours allow for easy identification of the key.
  • One modular insert (cylinder core) for all cylinder types.