pExtra+ - high security cylinder lock


Cylinder locks - pExtra+
Cylinder locks - pExtra+

pExtra+ meets EN1303 Key Related Security Grade 6 and is a Kitemark Approved, TS007 1-star cylinder that protects against drilling, picking and bumping.

pExtra+ features a sophisticated, patented key profile, with a “branch groove”. Duplicate keys cannot be made using commercial key milling machines. The optional blocking pin verifies the presence of the branch groove. If the original branch groove is not detected, the blocking pin prevents the key from being turned completely in both directions.


  • Double, single and thumbturn profile cylinders with 6 pins
  • Full range of cylinder locks for furniture, key switches, elevator control, padlocks, camlocks and many more
  • All cylinder types can be integrated into master key systems
  • Profile families for flexible master key system capacity
  • International certifications
  • Patent protection
  • Protection against the bumping method
  • Key blanks are not available in commercial trade
  • Replacement keys available only from Kaba or authorised dealers
  • Dealer profiles are available for authorised partners
  • Authorised dealers are trained to pin cylinders and produce replacement keys locally
  • Personalised key coinage for authorised dealers
  • Security card for proof of ownership for duplicate keys
  • TrendKey and metal clip versions available
  • Colour red key clips
  • Transponder clip for Kaba digital and electronic access systems
  • OEM cylinders available on request


pExtra+ is perfect in many situations:

  • Public and private offices
  • Building complexes
  • Private homes

Technical Data

The pExtra+ system is protected by the following patents:

  • European patent EP 1 362 153
  • International patent application PCT/AT2012/050037
  • Brand registration NO. 004896817