Cylinder locks - Round Turn
Cylinder locks - Round Turn

Our aesthetic modern design thumbturns can be easily operated and are designed to meet all your accessibility needs.


  • Specification - Housing supplied in solid natural brass with nickel plating. No system required.
  • Included with cylinder - 1 cylinder fixing screw M5 x 65mm
  • Finishes - standard NI - nickel plated. Other finishes upon request.
  • Thumbturns - Standard round turn. Other turns upon request

    Anti-ligature thumbturn - combining safety with security

  • Tested independently to DHF TS001 specification making the Kaba anti-ligature
    thumbturn Grade 4 for safety and Grade 2 corrosion resistant.
  • Rounded Thumbturn shape to reduce ligature points.
  • Secure bolt-through fixings provide strength and resistance in abusive environments.
  • Clutch mechanism provides key override functionality at all times.
  • Suitable for use in secure detention centres, hospitals, care facilities.
  • Suitable for use with both Kaba cylinder systems.
  • The square drive slides inside the anti-ligature knob providing automatic adjustment
    for 44 or 54mm doors.
  • Unique ‘stop’ mechanism ensures key can be freely inserted and turned should knob
    be held from within (kaba cylinders only).
  • Unique staff safety feature, in a duress situation the internal knob is disabled by
    insertion of key until assistance arrives.
  • The anti-ligature thumbturn and cylinder should be checked for correct functionality
    with the intended lockcase before specifying this product


  • Education establishments
  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Custodial
  • Probation facilities
  • Welfare & benefit offices
  • Apartment complexes and private homes
  • Business and industrial sites
  • WC or lavatory doors