SL 525 - Electronic Combination Safe Lock

Note: This lock is discontinued and not sold any longer. We recommend Axessor USB of the new Axessor Series as replacement product.


Safe Lock SL 525 - black
Safe Lock SL 525 - black

This lock has been replaced by Axessor USB. Please find further information on our Axessor Series website.


Approvals / Certificates
ECB-S, EN 1300 level B, VdS class 2, VdS strike plate contact for IDS class C, CNPP a2p level B, UL Type 1
1 Master code
2 Manager codes
18 User codes
1 Courier code
Audit with time stamp (2400 events)
Alarm Connection
2 Outputs (bolt position, duress alarm)
Selectable polarity (NO or NC)*
Additional trigger criteria programmable*
2 Inputs (door contact, remote blocking)
Time delay bypass (in place of door contact)*
Power Supply
Input Unit
Metal housing in black or light grey
Silicon rubber keypad with blue or yellow navigation keys
Integrated battery compartment
Large, contrasted LC display
Operator selectable display language
Built-in RS 232 interface
Lock Unit
Adaptable bolt function: Dead bolt
5 N moving force in both directions
Bolt with 2 threads M4

* SL 525 with Programming Software

Technical Data

SL 525 (black)
Metal housing in black, blue navigation keys
Built-in RS 232 interface for audit output and programming by computer
Built-in terminals for alarm connection
Programming Software AS 254 for programming the safe lock SL 525
Runs on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
Operator selectable language

Software bundle includes a connection cable and dongle:
USB (serial) dongle for copy protection

Audit Software AS 256 for auditing the safe lock SL 525
Runs on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
Operator selectable language

Audit lock events and set time and date

License-free, runs without dongle


Code Functions
Selectable code format
Dual mode
Code group lockout (supervisor/subordinate mode)
Shelve function
Wrong try lockout after 4 false codes
Duress code (silent alarm)
Time Lock Functions
Normal time delay
Duress time delay
Confirmation window
Automatic DLST (summer/winter time changeover)*
Holiday periods
Yearly repeating holiday periods
Weekly time lock
Fast locking
Other Functions
Low voltage detection
Battery status display
Non-erasable opening counter
Error diagnosis, recognition and display