Orthos security interlocks

Security interlocks for controlled access


Orthos security interlocks - PIL-M02
Orthos security interlocks - PIL-M02

Orthos electronically monitored security interlocks meet the most exacting security requirements and offer optimum protection for the sensitive areas of a building. The required safety levels are provided individually: from the authorisation of staff access by a card reader or code keyboard to verification of identity using biometric systems in the interior of the lock.

Security interlocks can be equipped with a range of different resistance classes, biometric verification, weight checking, or one or two-zone contact mats.

Key features of Orthos security interlocks

A second person can be detected in the interior of the lock by the incorporation of contact mats or a weighing system. Additional biometric identification systems in the interior help to identify users and rule out misuse.

The Orthos product range also includes the modular PIL-M02 Channel for use in airports at airside-landside crossover points. The modular Orthos PIL-M02 Security Interlock only allows passage in one direction. Different security levels are possible depending on the configuration selected.


Orthos PIL cylindrical and cubic security interlocks

  • Smooth and silent running performance
  • Minimal space requirement due to compact design
  • Additional security with contact mats, weighing equipment or Quattro-Vision camera system
  • Resistance classes WK2, WK3 and up to WK4 with cubic locks
  • The following options are possible:

    • Leaves and folding wing doors
    • Fire protection leaves and/or doors
    • Emergency exit function
    • Bullet-resistant doors and break-in resistance

Orthos PIL-M02 airport interlocks

  • Modular, adaptive system
  • Designed as an angled lock system
  • User-friendly passage even with luggage
  • Sophisticated sensors ensure a high level of personal security and protection for property
  • Visual and acoustic alarm in the event of unauthorised passage (optional)
  • Visual user guidance (optional)


  • Staff access to secure areas in banks or financial institutions
  • High-security areas with special access rules, for instance in nuclear power plants or armament factories
  • One-way corridors at airports to separate airside and landside