Kaba Terminal 97 00 – high tech with an elegant design


Kaba B-ispired - Kaba Terminal 97 00
Kaba B-ispired - Kaba Terminal 97 00

The Kaba Terminal 97 00 carries out a wide range of tasks for professional time recording and access control, while providing customer-specific information and applications.

The design concept is complemented by the sleek lines of the device, the elements in the graphical user interface and the RFID reader.


  • Seven-inch touchscreen
  • Simple network integration via Ethernet interface
  • Supports all standard RFID readers and the biometric fingerprint sensor
  • Optional camera system
  • Power supply options include 230V AC, 24V DC and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Video functionality
  • Uses software which makes carrying out maintenance and adding new apps amazingly easy
  • Simple to install, as with the rest of the Kaba terminal family


The Kaba Terminal 97 00 is available with three different configuration levels which you can use to assemble a terminal matching your requirements.

The Level 1 Kaba Terminal 97 20 will provide you with all the functions you need for reliable time recording in your company.

At Level 2, the Kaba Terminal 97 40 provides you with the additional option of using access control functions. These include monitoring and controlling doors and linking in offline door components using CardLink.

The Level 3 Kaba Terminal 97 60 has an uninterruptible power supply, meaning you are well prepared for power failures. It has a camera and can manage over 10,000 employees.