Access control


Access Control
Access Control

Kaba SAP Access Control allows you to integrate the management of access control units and access terminals straight into SAP so that you can assign access authorizations in SAP. Integrated access control gives you precise answers to the following questions:

  • Which employee has access to which facilities?
  • On which weekdays does the employee have access?
  • At what time of day does the employee have access?


Time profiles, access grids, and special days will help you to define and change your employees' access rights quickly and easily. You can group the Kaba terminals in zones at your discretion. This forms the basis for collecting the access profile that consists of one or several zones, and the time profiles. When assigning the access profile to a person, access authorizations are checked again for consistency at the terminal. This enables errors to be almost entirely ruled out.

The master records containing the authorizations are sent to the terminals, are stored there locally, and thereby safeguard off-line operation.


This module is ideally combined with the existing time registration system. Persons requesting access will have their badge data checked to ensure that they have the right time-based and room-based authorizations. This solution is suitable for all companies that want to protect their employees, and prevent unauthorized access and industrial espionage.

If you want to use standalone (not networked) digital components, Kaba exos is a high-performance application for managing access rights that is linked to Kaba b-comm ERP 5 via web services.