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Kaba Benzing multitouch
Kaba Benzing multitouch

Kaba b-comm ERP 5 - SFDC is a modular subsystem for registering job data, and supplements SAP modules PP, PM, PS, CS, and CATS. It registers and validates production-related data and transfers it to the relevant SAP modules. In addition to the standard package described above, there is a wide range of useful, supplementary modules which can make your SFDC system even more effective.


The system provides the following functionality:

  • Collection and validation of time for set-up, processing, and shut down
  • Collection and validation of order data (based on time events and time tickets)
  • Collection of volumes produced, volumes rejected, and reasons for rejection
  • Information notices for employees about order status, volumes produced, and volumes remaining
  • Checking for over/under delivery
  • Plausibility check for all online bookings

Optional modules:

  • Registration automation
  • Team
  • Multiple order processing/multiple machine operation
  • Time synchronization
  • Simulation tool
  • TRS WebTerminal BDE


The system is suitable for companies that

  • Require up-to-date information on the progress and status of jobs at all times
  • Are looking for improvements in the production process and shorter processing times
  • Would like to minimize overheads and idle time
  • Would like more reliable delivery and increased customer satisfaction