Shop floor data collection - B-web 95 40 terminal


Shop Floor Data Collection - B-web 95 40
Shop Floor Data Collection - B-web 95 40

The B-web 95 40 is suitable for moderate and complex requirements and large operations. It is supplied with a comprehensive functional package. A large, graphic display offers a lot of space to display individual information. The tough wear-free, easy-to-clean keypad facilitates simple operation supported by Guide-by-Light instant instructions, thus delivering error-free data collection. There are 16 freely definable function keys, each with up to 18 collection steps. The terminal can be fully customised to your processes.


  • Wear-free glass front and smooth surface.
  • Flexible protective frame and optional metal housing for industrial environments.
  • IP 54 protection class for industrial environments.
  • Support of all conventional RFID card readers
  • Barcode scanner, magnetic stripe and fingerprint readers optional.
  • Easy network integration using Ethernet interface.
  • Online / offline / XML operation.
  • Simple ‘One-Click’ installation and replacement.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) means no separate power cable is needed.
  • Data retention in case of power failure, no loss of data.
  • Large graphic display for individual data depiction.
  • Background illuminated keypad for Guide-by-Light user instructions.
  • Query and display of machine status.
  • Compatible with previous terminal generations, no laborious programming.


The B-web 95 40 terminal is suitable for operations up to 10,000 employees and 50,000 bookings. You can opt for the biometric sensor for ultimate convenience, no forgotten badges, unique identification and no more misuse. Data is easily captured by intelligent software, using clearly-marked function keys. To eliminate false entries, users are supported by the “Guide by Light” automated instruction a manual on the terminal. The set-up is very easy. Attach the docking station to the wall, click the terminal in place, done!